ArgData is a .NET library for working with Microprose Formula One Grand Prix (F1GP) data, such as car colors and driver performance. There is also support for working with various other game files, such as reading/writing name files and car setups.

This library currently supports the European and US (World Circuit) version 1.05 of the game, including decompressed versions.

It is used in the new F1GP editor ArgEditor.

API functionality and usage

The ArgData API currently supports the following:

Before you begin to code, you may want to have a look at the overview. The provides general information on which files in F1GP that you edit, and a guide to the basic way that the API provides interaction with these files.

For a step-by-step guide to some simple editing, see the Quick Start guide.

There is also a full reference section.


This simple piece of software stands on the shoulders of giants. Huge gratitude goes out to: