ArgData API Reference

This is a list of the classes that make up the ArgData API. Click on the name of a class for more information.

Readers and Writers

The Reader and Writer classes perform the basic editing of GP.EXE and other files. Reader classes are used to fetch data from the F1GP files into their respective representations as .NET classes. The Writer classes update GP.EXE and other files.

Name Description
CarColorReader Reads the car colors of one or more teams.
CarColorWriter Writes the car colors of one or more teams.
DamageSettingsReader Reads damage settings.
DamageSettingsWriter Writes damage settings.
DriverNumberReader Reads the driver numbers.
DriverNumberWriter Writes the driver numbers, or inactives a driver.
DriverPerformanceReader Reads the race and qualifying driver performance levels for computer drivers, as well as the general grip level for computer cars.
DriverPerformanceWriter Writes the race or qualifying performance levels for computer drivers, as well as the general grip level for computer cars.
HelmetColorReader Reads driver helmet colors.
HelmetColorWriter Writes driver helmet colors.
HelmetMenuImagesReader Reads menu helmet images from an image file.
HelmetMenuImagesWriter Writes helmet menu images to a file.
MediaContainerFileReader Reads media container files.
MediaContainerFileWriter Class for writing to media container files, such as HELMETS.DAT.
NameFileReader Reads a name file from disk.
NameFileWriter Writes a name file to disk.
PitCrewColorReader Reads pit crew colors of one or more teams.
PitCrewColorWriter Writes pit crew colors of one or more teams.
PlayerHorsepowerReader Reads the horsepower value for the player.
PlayerHorsepowerWriter Writes the horsepower values for the player.
PointsSystemReader Reads the points system.
PointsSystemWriter Writes the points system.
PreferencesReader Reads preferences from the F1PREFS.DAT file.
PreferencesWriter Writes preferences to the F1PREFS.DAT file.
SavedGameFileReader Reads saved game files.
SetupReader Reads a single setup file or a multiple setups file from disk.
SetupWriter Writes single or multiple setup files to disk.
TeamHorsepowerReader Read the horsepower values of teams in a GP.EXE file.
TeamHorsepowerWriter Writes horsepower values of teams to a GP.EXE file.
TrackReader Reads track data from an F1GP track file into a Track object.
TrackWriter Writes a Track object to an F1GP track file.
WetWeatherSettingsReader Reads the wet weather settings.
WetWeatherSettingsWriter Writes wet weather settings.

Other Classes

Name Description
Car A Car represents a car with its various colors.
CarList Represents a list of Car objects.
CarSet A CarSet represents a set of teams and drivers that can be exported together to a GP.EXE.
CarSetDriver Represents a driver in a CarSet.
CarSetTeam Defines a team as it appears in a CarSet.
CarSetTeamList A list of CarSetTeam items.
ChecksumCalculator Class used for calculating an F1GP checksum.
Constants Various constant values.
DamageSettings Represents the various damage settings in the game.
DefaultValues Contains the default values for various data and settings in F1GP as constant values.
Driver Represents a driver with a name.
DriverNumberList List of driver numbers for 40 drivers.
DriverPerformanceList List of driver numbers for 40 drivers.
GpChecksum GP checksum.
GpExeFile Represents a GP.EXE file that will be read from or written to.
GpExeInfo Contains details such as version number for a GP.EXE file.
GpExeVersionInfo Info about the GP.EXE file version.
Helmet A Helmet represents a helmet with its various colors.
HelmetList Represents a list of Helmet objects.
HelmetMenuImage A helmet image that appears in the driver selection menu.
HelmetMenuImages Represents a list of helmet menu images.
ImageItem1769 Image item of type 1769, e.g. an image inside BACKDROP.DAT or TRACKPIX.DAT.
ImageItem1774 Image item of type 1774, e.g. an image inside HELMETS.DAT or FLAGS.DAT.
ImportExportSettings ImportExportSettings define what will be imported from or exported to the GP.EXE.
KerbHeight Defines the type of kerb that exists in the track section.
KerbType Type of kerb, either two colors or three colors.
MediaContainerFile Represents a .DAT file containing a number of items, mostly images.
MediaFileItem Represents a media item stored inside a media container file.
MediaItem1768 Media item of type 1768, possibly video/animation related. Occurs in e.g. TROPHY.DAT.
NameFile Represents a file containing the names of the teams, engines and drivers.
NameFileDriverList Represents a list of 40 drivers to be saved to a name file.
NameFileTeamList Represents a list of 20 teams to be saved to a name file.
Palette Represents a palette of 256 colors used in various places in F1GP.
PaletteItem Palette item, e.g. an item inside BACKDROP.DAT or TRACKPIX.DAT.
PaletteWithRanges Represents a palette of 256 colors used in various places in F1GP, including a set of color ranges.
PitCrew Represents the colors of the pit crew.
PitCrewList Represents a list of PitCrew objects.
PointsSystem Points system determines how many championship points are scored per finishing position.
PreferencesFile Represents game preferences stored in F1PREFS.DAT.
SavedGame A saved game containing a list of drivers and their results.
SavedGameDriver Represents a driver in a saved game.
SavedGameDriverList A list of SavedGameDrivers.
Setup Single car setup.
SetupList Represents a list of qualifying and race setups for all tracks.
SetupTyreCompound Tyre compound in setup file. Can be A, B, C or D.
SurroundingArea Represents the color of the surrounding area around the track.
Team Represents a team with a name and engine manufacturer.
Track Represents an F1GP track.
TrackBestLineSegment Represents a segment of the best line/computer car line.
TrackBestLineSegmentType Type of best line segment.
TrackCommand Track command that adds features to the track section it belongs to.
TrackHorizon Represents the horizon of a track.
TrackObjectSettings Represents an instance of a 3D object with related settings.
TrackObjectShape Represents the shape of 3D track objects.
TrackOffsets Offsets into the track file. These are updated automatically when the track is saved.
TrackRawData Describes various data in the track file, the purpose of which is (currently) unknown.
TrackSection Represents a small section of a track.
TrackSectionHeader Header before list of track sections.
TrackSide Track side.
WetWeatherSettings Wet weather settings.