Track Editing Screen

The Track Editing screen allows you to load and edit an existing track file. It can then be saved and enjoyed in the game.

Note that you need to load a track before you can make any changes.

There is currently no preview of the track available, which makes large editing projects difficult. More work on this will be done in the future.

More technical details about the various types of track data can be found at ArgDocs

For a tutorial that introduces some simple track editing, have a look at the track editing tutorial.


At the top there are buttons for loading and saving tracks.

Misc tab

This tab contains some miscellaneous track data.

ArgTrack Misc tab screenshot

The data that can be edited now is:

Name Description
First Section Angle The angle of the first track section in the 3D world
First Section Height The height change of the first track section
Track Center X X-axis location of track in 3D world
Track Center Y Y-axis location of track in 3D world
Track Center Z Z-axis location of track in 3D world
Track Start Width Width of first track section
Left Verge Start Width Width of the left verge of the first track section
Right Verge Start Width Width of the right verge of the first track section
Surrounding Area Whether the area surrounding the track is green (grass) or gray
Pole Side Which side of the track that pole position is on, left or right
Pits Side Which side of the track that the pits are located
Kerb Type Whether kerbs have two or three colors (one of which is always white)
Kerb Fixed Upper Color Upper color of kerbs that cannot be changed
Kerb Fixed Lower Color Lower color of kerbs that cannot be changed

Kerbs can have two or three colors.

Sections tab

Each track consists of a number of track sections, which are either straight or curved.

ArgTrack Sections tab screenshot

Each section has a length, specified in a unit where 1 = 16 feet.

ArgTrack Sections tab screenshot

There are also various track commands associated with each section. These can have a lot of different functions.

A full list of track commands is available at ArgDocs.

When adding or editing track commands, this is the generic window that will appear.

However, some commands have specialized windows. In the future, ArgTrack will feature more and more specialized windows.

Pit Lane tab

Like the basic track, the pit lane consists of a number of sections.

ArgTrack Pit Lane tab screenshot

Best Line tab

Describes the best line/computer car line.

ArgTrack Best Line tab screenshot

Object Settings tab

An object setting is an instance of a either a 3D object, a "flat" object (such as trees and bushes) or other special types of objects.

ArgTrack Object Settings tab screenshot

Instances of objects can then be placed around the track with the 0x80 track command.

Object Shapes tab

This tab displays data about the various 3D objects that are placed around the track. Since the structure of this data is still not fully known, it only shows the data as "Data1", "Data2" etc.

However, what we do know is that these lumps of data most likely represent points, lines, planes, etc.

ArgTrack Object Shapes tab screenshot

Horizon tab

Here you can see the horizon that the game renders for the track. You can load a horizon (e.g. from another track file) or save it to disk.

ArgTrack Horizon tab screenshot

Setup tab

This tab allows you to edit the setup that is used by the computer-controlled cars.

ArgTrack Setup tab screenshot